Outdoor Projection, Forced Air Cooled
20-50k Lumens
Landscape, Portrait, UST, Custom
All Climates



The new Cyclones are our best-ever outdoor enclosures, offering unparalleled protection for large format video projectors between 20-45k lumens, in any climate type. Cyclone enclosures are projector-specific and may be produced for you for any projector in Landscape, Portrait and Ultra Short Throw formats.

Each Cyclone model has been thoroughly tested and approved with its designated projector before being released for production. Featuring lightweight aluminum welded construction, Cyclone is an ideal choice for any outdoor projection project. Its powerful AC fan provides efficient cooling, while its salt fog filtering and positive pressure option provides ultimate projector protection.

All Cyclones come with four M12 threaded sockets — one at each corner — top and bottom. Larger models have additional threaded sockets midway along their length for additional security. Stainless steel bolts are provided for attachment to any suitable support structure. Three additional rigging options are available for any Cyclone enclosure (see brochure for details).

Tempest’s patented Digital Enclosure Control system (DEC4TM) comes as standard for all Cyclone models, now available with optional remote monitoring over your TCP/IP network. DEC4 will keep your projector warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s hot, and will never allow deadly condensation to form.

Thanks to Tempest’s hydrophobic inlet filters, salt and other pollutants will be blocked from getting near your projector.



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