Outdoor Projection Active Cooling Systems
5-50K Lumens
Landscape, Portrait, UST, Custom
All Climates



Oasis is Tempest’s enclosure innovation designed specifically for the latest projection technology. Now you can safely operate sensitive laser projectors in any environment with temperatures from –15 to 50ºC (5-122ºF), while maintaining a CONSTANT temperature where you need it — at the projector air inlet.

Get the maximum life out of your laser light engine, and say goodbye to color shift as different color lasers react differently to temperature changes.

Oasis uses highly efficient inverter heat pump technology to maintain its set temperature regardless of outside conditions, either when the system detects the projector is active, or when the internal temperature reaches a user-set temperature with the projector in standby mode.

In low ambient temperatures, Oasis maintains a minimum temperature, using a thermostatically controlled heater inside the enclosure.

Oasis comes as standard with 5m (16’) line set connecting the suitcase-style compressor unit with the enclosure. A simple and inexpensive installation process is easily handled by any local HVAC installer.



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