California-based Tempest is the world’s premier manufacturer of specialist outdoor enclosures and indoor hush boxes for digital projectors. Patented Digital Enclosure Control technology keeps equipment cool when it’s hot, warm when it’s cold, and prevents harmful condensation.

Tempest projector enclosures accommodate projectors from 3,000 to 40,000 ANSI lumens and are endorsed by all leading projector manufacturers. From the world’s most pioneering visual artists and cutting-edge projection mapping projects, to fixed installations at the world’s leading theme parks and tourist attractions, Tempest enclosures are protecting projectors in all regions and climates of our world.

Tempest started life developing moving light enclosures for the first Legoland theme park in California, back in 1999. Ten years later, a major theme park operator was placing video projectors outdoors, and Tempest was the obvious partner. Now, projector enclosures are the majority of our business, and we have worked hard to develop strong relationships with projector manufacturers and AV integrators around the world. Tempest can provide enclosure solutions for any projector, anywhere – be it indoors or outdoors, and in any climate.

Based on its unparalleled experience in the field, Tempest has developed its own Digital Enclosure Controller (DEC), and patented Goldilocks™ operating system. Our customers are constantly presenting us with new challenges, and the product development never stops!

With more than a decade of projector enclosure experience, Tempest is the trusted choice of audiovisual professionals around the world.