Tornado Marine

350-3,000W Moving Heads
Globe up/down/horizontal
Marine/Salt Fog Protection




Designed specially for our cruise ship customers and for coastal resort locations, these Marine Tornados are the simply the finest lighting enclosures we (or anyone else for that matter) have ever produced. Tornado Marine means large hydrophobic filters to keep out salt, chlorine and other pollutants, plus positive pressure protection when the luminaire is off, preventing pollutants from sneaking in the back door! Stainless steel marine latches are fitted as standard, and models cover every moving light we know, from pinspots to searchlights.

Tornado Marine is the only lighting enclosure in the world designed to protect valuable automated luminaires from weather, condensation, and salt fog. Developed from fifteen years’ experience protecting lights in all climates around the world, Tornado Marine is specifically designed for installations where salt air corrosion is a major hazard.

Tornado Marine offers the best ever protection:

  • Hydrophobic HEPA filter prevents ingress of moisture and moisture-born contaminants like salt or chlorine
  • Powerful fans change the air every 1-2 seconds in the enclosure when the luminaire is on, maintaining a cool operating environment and optimizing equipment and lamp life.
  • Marine grade stainless steel latches require a tool to open and close, for additional security
  • Aluminum outer parts are specially treated prior to painting, to prevent corrosion in saline environments

Building on a solid base, Tornado Marine is our finest lighting enclosure yet, and offers you the best protection in the world for your lighting investment.


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