Outdoor Projection, Forced Air Cooled
3-20k Lumens
Landscape, Portrait, UST, Custom
All Climates



The Blizzard family is the world’s most popular professional outdoor projector enclosure solution. Use Blizzard with confidence in any climate, and with any projector up to about 15,000 lumens. Blizzard G4 comes in four sizes and three formats, Landscape, Portrait and Ultra Short Throw. Many custom and rigging options are available, and Tempest Blizzard enclosures are fully stackable.

Blizzard enclosures feature an ultra-strong lightweight aluminum chassis and tempered low-iron optical grade port glass for strength and perfect imaging. An optional projector tray slides out either side of the enclosure for easy installation and service access.

All Blizzards come with four M10 threaded sockets — one at each corner — top and bottom. Stainless steel bolts are provided for attachment to any suitable support structure. A host of rigging accessories are also available, enabling a host of installation options to suit your project.

All models feature Tempest’s patented Digital Enclosure Control system (DEC4™), now available with optional remote monitoring over your TCP/IP network – ideal for mission-critical applications or larger systems. Enclosures can also be monitored remotely using JESE Agent.

Tempest’s Goldilocks™ Operating System (patents pending) keeps the air temperature inside your enclosure just right, removing heat from the projector when the lamp is on or when the enclosure is heated by the sun. Goldilocks uses a heater to maintain a minimum temperature in cold climates and to prevent condensation.



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