Up to 4 Moving Heads
Base up/down
Marine/Salt Fog Protection




When space is at a premium on crowded pool decks or busy coastal resorts, Monsoon offers a tight and cost-effective solution. With up to four lights per enclosure, Monsoon delivers Tempest’s legendary marine-grade protection, with salt fog filtering, positive pressure when lamps are off, and marine grade materials and finishes throughout.

Monsoon is the only marine grade lighting enclosure in the world designed to protect multiple automated luminaires from weather, condensation, and salt fog. Monsoon enclosures house groups of moving head luminaires, where space is at a premium. Developed from fifteen years’ experience protecting lights in a variety of climates around the globe.

Monsoon offers the best ever protection:

  • Hydrophobic HEPA filter prevents ingress of moisture and moisture-born contaminants like salt or chlorine
  • Powerful fans change the air every 1-2 seconds in the enclosure when the luminaires are on, maintaining a cool operating environment and optimizing equipment and lamp life.
  • Positive pressure environment is maintained by running the fans at low speed when the luminaire lamp is off, preventing contaminants entering through the exhaust path.
  • Aluminum parts are specially treated prior to painting, to prevent corrosion in saline environments.


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