100-350W Moving Heads
Globe up/down/horizontal
Temperate Climates




Now you can use the new generation of really tiny moving heads outdoors, without breaking the bank. Twister is available in four sizes, to fit most smaller LED and conventional heads. Twister may be used in any orientation - base-up, base-down or horizontal.

Twister is the economical solution for a long life in harsh conditions. Twister is a deceptively simple, force-cooled moving light enclosure for today’s compact moving head fixtures, designed for long life and extremely low operating costs.

Tempest’s MiniDEC™ controller monitors temperature and lamp current 24/7, and runs a powerful cooling fan any time the lamp is running or the temperature rises during daylight hours.

Like all Tempest enclosures, power may be split if required to power the light and the enclosure on the same or on separate electrical supplies. Twister’s innovative cowls enable the same enclosure to be mounted base down, base up or horizontally, with the same cowls providing air filtering and rain ingress protection.


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