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Tempest outdoor enclosures are tested to NEMA 3R, a North American standard for weatherproof electrical enclosures. Download the white paper to explain what this means and how it relates to the international IP system. Download pdf
Enclosures with DEC3.3 or DEC4 controllers (Cyclone, Blizzard, Typhoon, Tacit, Zen, Tornado, Monsoon) may be monitored over Ethernet.   DEC3.3 controllers require an RS485 to Ethernet Bridge (51.ENB), and DEC4 controllers require an Ethernet board (51.EN) to transition from their native RS485 DMX/RDM protocol to Tempest’s proprietary TEMP protocol over Ethernet.   Download the developer guide for more information. Please address technical questions to   TEMP Application Guide.pdf
Christie's flagship 40K projector is showing up on all kinds of mapping projects, both outdoors and in, and naturally Tempest has been deeply involved in providing effective enclosure solutions. Working closely with our friends at Christie, we are now shipping Cyclone, Tacit and Zen enclosures custom designed to the needs of this impressive - and challenging - projector. Read about it here: Working-with-the-D4K40

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As a general rule, they can't be! When your projector or luminaire lamp is running, we blow large quantities of air through the enclosure, so it cannot be a sealed box, which these IP levels would require. Tempest enclosures are tested and approved to NEMA 3R, a weatherproof standard for electrical enclosures. For a full explanation, see Hot Topics above. There are two exceptions to this rule: Cyclone enclosures with ActiveCool are sealed systems and therefore IP67. Metro enclosures incorporate sealed counterflow heat exchanger technology, and are also IP67.
Historically, Tempest has avoided the use of active cooling, and successfully maintained acceptable operating temperatures using high-velocity forced air cooling even in the hottest climates. Now, with the advent of laser light sources, there is a need to maintain a more constant temperature at levels that may be below the outside ambient level. Tempest now offers two active cooling options - AC Assist and ActiveCool. AC Assist -  for Cyclone and Blizzard outdoor enclosures. An outdoor-rated spot cooler that blends cooled air with ambient air to reduce inlet air temperature by as much as 12C.
ActiveCool -  for larger Cyclone enclosures. A sealed AC solution that maintains a constant optimum operating temperature inside the enclosure, regardless of the outside ambient.
Since outdoor video-mapping applications often have to deal with very long throws, building an AC compressor into the enclosure itself can cause vibration, and image wobble - a big no-no... Tempest active cooling solutions place the active cooling components in an external enclosure, connected with flexible hoses, with optional anti-vibration mounts to guarantee a steady, vibration-free image.
Check out AC Assist and ActiveCool in the Cyclone Enclosure page on this site.
We have a lot of experience in supplying enclosures to customers with cold winter climates such as Canada, Russia and Scandinavia. The heaters fitted to Tempest enclosures will kick in to maintain a preset bottom threshold temperature (typically set between 0-10ᴼC), when the outside air temperature drops. Additional thermal insulation kits are available for all Tempest projector enclosures. Incidentally, these climates are typically very humid during the summer months, when the DEC will really come into its own and save you from condensation buildup.
For the lawyers among you, check out our standard terms and conditions download here. For the rest of us, we offer a 24-month warranty on parts and labor defects, which may be extended in 12-month increments at the time of purchase, for a modest fee. Maximum is two years free, plus three years paid extension. While we do have to have formal warranty terms like any business, it is absolutely our philosophy to help out our customers any way we can, and we will always err on your side in the event of gray areas in warranty questions. Happily, they don't happen very often.
YES! Just call us – we do a lot of custom and semi-custom work, and we are always happy to discuss your requirements.
Usually, no. Tempest enclosures work right out of the box using their default settings. You'll only need to read the control section of the manual if you plan on using DMX and RDM functions, if you're going to adjust temperature settings for unusually extreme outdoor conditions, or to fine-tune indoor hush boxes to minimize fan noise.
Yes – our partner rental companies will be glad to work with you on your rental requirements. For more information, See the Rental link on the product page.