15-30K Lumens
Landscape/Portrait Use
Custom/Rigging options


Specifically developed for the needs of rental operations and event production houses, these sturdy but lightweight enclosures protect your projectors from weather, salt and oil fog, and accidental damage.

Typhoon outdoor projector enclosures are customized to suit the individual needs of rental and staging operators, including custom connector panels and mounts for more than one projector type, for maximum rental return on investment.

Available for most popular large-format rental projectors, Typhoon is made from a strong but incredibly light aluminum frame, with stainless steel hardware for great strength and durability in the rough-and-tumble world of rental and staging.

Typhoon Projector Mounts are customized for each projector type, and provide easy pan, tilt and roll adjustment before locking down securely to allow the projector to travel inside the Typhoon enclosure. Set up in the rental shop and save time on site! Typhoon’s unique connector panel is totally configurable for any type of power connector and up to nine signal feedthroughs of any type.

The Goldilocks™ Operating System (patents pending) keeps the air temperature inside your Typhoon enclosure just right, removing heat from the projector when the lamp is on or when the enclosure is heated by the sun, changing the air about every second. Goldilocks uses a heater to maintain a minimum temperature in cold climates.


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