5-40K Lumens
Ducted Inlet/Exhaust
Landscape, Portrait, UST, Custom



Tacit is the proven family for quiet operation of noisy projectors in noise-sensitive areas such as digital cinema, training rooms, theaters and convention centers. Tacit also offers unparalleled protection and security for sensitive projectors in indoor theme park ride environments.Tacit uses a powerful remote ducted variable-speed blower to keep your projector cool and keep noise to an absolute minimum. Larger Tacit models are projector-specific, and we can produce a Tacit enclosure for any projector from 5-50k lumens.

Tacit features airtight seals, high performance melamine sound insulation foam (rated to the highest fire safety standards), over-rated fans and remote exhaust blower – all of which add up to best-in-class noise attenuation in the audience space.

With full-length lockable side access doors, and a projector slide that may be ordered for right or left access on all landscape and portrait models, Tacit offers excellent projector access. Its lightweight but extremely strong aluminum frame has threaded holes at six points (top) and four bottom, for easy installation. With Tempest’s patented DEC4 Control as standard, Tacit features remote monitoring remote monitoring options. Tacit is available in White RAL 9003 semi-gloss or black, and other colors can be made to order.


These files are correct at time of publication, but may occasionally change. Please check with Tempest before starting construction.

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