Tempest, the world leader in noise-attenuating and outdoor projector enclosures, provided its elegant LIZA model for an installation at the world renowned heritage site, the Tower of London.

Used in the Jewel House at the Tower of London, Tempest has collaborated with projector partner, Panasonic UK. Panasonic has installed eight 6540H Liza HUSH enclosures to solve problems with dust ingress into existing Panasonic PT-DZ680 projectors which are used within a variety of different display spaces. The new enclosures provide a secure, smart-looking home to the projectors, protecting them from dust to cut the risk of overheating and projector burn out, and also reducing maintenance time and cost.  

“We have worked with Tempest before and have always been more than pleased with the capabilities of their enclosures,“ explained Chris Green, Project Engineer for Panasonic System Solutions. “It is always a challenge working in historic buildings, where airborne dust is a much more common problem than in modern spaces. Tempest has provided a solution that not only completely protected the projector but also allowed the staff in the Tower to greatly reduce their twice monthly filter cleaning schedule!”

Part of Tempest’s HUSH projector enclosure line-up, LIZA features four models to cover most popular leisure and business application projectors up to 15,000 ANSI Lumens. Each enclosure is lined with high-performance acoustic insulation foam and incorporates excellent airtight seals for up to 27dB noise attenuation. Whisper-quiet, variable speed dc fans effectively remove heat from the enclosure whilst inlet and exhaust air is routed through special insulated hoses to baffle any sound from the airflow system as it travels into the ceiling void or building ventilation system.

At the same time, LIZA is designed to minimise any visible intrusion into the space with its clean, sleek lines creating a modern, attractive housing, free of virtually any external hardware. This makes LIZA the perfect choice for prestigious applications.  LIZA is also quick and easy to install in any country, any voltage.

“What a great start for our latest enclosure,” comments Alan Luxford, Tempest’s European Business Development Manager. “It is always a pleasure to work with our friends at Panasonic, with whom we have completed a number of installations in the UK, including the Keep in Brighton and Euston Station in London.”

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