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Marina Bay Sands is one of the most identifiable figures across Singapore’s iconic skyline, with its three distinctive towers said to have been inspired by a deck of cards. Among its most popular evening attractions is Spectra, a stunning free-to-public outdoor light and water show displayed over the water at the Event Plaza along the promenade. The vivid display over the lagoon is powered by a host of lighting and projection technology, housed safely in Tempest enclosures.

The carefully choreographed show – created by Australian-based experience agency Imagination with lighting & visual production designer Steve Nield – blends a host of technology including lights, lasers, audio, projection and water screens. The powerful audiovisual elements come together to deliver a vibrant 15-minute spectacle that has enthralled thousands of guests in its first year of operation. A total of 70 Clay Paky Supersharpy lights are protected by 70 Tornado Marine enclosures, mounted on floating barges in the salt-water lagoon in front of the hotel, less than a metre above water level. Nine Christie Boxer 4K20 projectors – housed in Cyclone 300 enclosures – augment the experience with vivid projections on the lotus-shaped Science and Technology Centre next to the lagoon.

Marina Bay Sands light show

“This project was, to put it mildly, challenging!” says Tim Burnham, Tempest’s president. “With the show running nightly, it’s imperative that the equipment is continuously operational, and well protected from the elements. The lights are just above salt water, and the Tornado Marine enclosures are continuously doused by hundreds of salt water fountain jets. With Singapore’s high temperatures and humidity, you then have the added risk of serious salt air corrosion. But it’s worth all the late nights when you see thousands of folk from all over the world gathering to watch the show twice a night!”

Tempest equipment was supplied by Tempest’s distributor Hexogon Solution. The show is set to run at Marina Bay Sands for four more years.

Marina Bay Sands light show
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