Tempest, leader in projector enclosures, has improved and expanded upon its range of Zen hush projector enclosures, delivering optimal cooling, enhanced noise attenuation and a new touring theatre model. Zen is the world’s quietest indoor projector and the only truly professional grade standalone hush box, making it ideal for use in any noise-sensitive indoor space, such as presentation suites, digital cinema, live theatre and concert venues.

“We are excited to showcase our new and improved Zen offering, which provides outstanding noise attenuation and an integral cooling solution,” says Tim Burnham, president, Tempest. “Third-party acoustic testing has proved that Zen is the quietest on the market. As a standalone solution, Zen provides excellent noise attenuation close to that of a remote fan, without the need for inlet or exhaust ducts, saving installation headaches and making projection viable for a greater array of projects.”

Zen to Go is a new addition to the range, designed specifically for touring theatre, opera, dance and even orchestras which are increasingly using projection out on tour.  Zen to Go offers a professional grade touring hush box, with all the benefits of the world’s quietest indoor enclosure, and rigging and wiring built for the road.

The standard Zen has a powerful 4-speed AC centrifugal blower behind the projector. Airflow starts automatically when the thermostat in the projector exhaust detects a temperature rise.  Users can choose a fan speed that provides the besst trade-off between projector temperature and sound pressure level. Enclosures can be built for almost any projector and lens combination,

With Zen+, Tempest’s patented DEC4 controller brings professionals a host of additional control and monitoring features, with a variable-speed DC blower providing 1% speed increments for total control of cooling and acoustic performance. Zen+ includes projector inlet temperature sensing, overtemp protection, and optional networked monitoring using Tempest System Manager.