ProjektorPøblene invests in Tempest Typhoon

Scandinavian outdoor mapping specialist ProjektorPøblene has invested in eight Tempest Typhoon projector enclosures to expand its outdoor events capabilities. The enclosures enable the agile AV and rental production company to use its fleet of Epson 20,000 lumen projectors to support a range of clients at impactful outdoor projection mapping events, as well as power its own productions.

“Being a small company specialising in outdoor projection, we need to be flexible, mobile and have a low footprint. We need to be able to get into places that other companies don’t want to do,”says Mads Faste Liang Nilsen, founder, ProjektorPøblene. “Whenever we invest in equipment, we must be very careful to ensure it fits into our workflow. The combination of having the lightest enclosures, the ability to use them in portrait mode and the M12 mounting points meant that Tempest was the only manufacturer for us. These features give us the flexibility to create our own workflow and position projectors in challenging locations.”

ProjektorPøblene – loosely translated as ‘projector punks,’ ‘projector mob’ or ‘projector proletariat’ – was established in 2016, and offers services including concept development, content production, technical equipment rental, and projection mapping. “The whole premise of the company is based on using our technical and creative competence to not just deliver a service but also to deliver a message that means something,” adds Mads. “We use projection to comment and communicate something that we stand for.”

Tempest Typhoon is specifically developed for rental operations and event production houses, featuring a sturdy but lightweight aluminium construction, protecting projectors from weather, salt and oil fog, and accidental damage. Typhoons now feature removable port glass frames, supporting Epson’s camera feature and allowing partners to change lenses on the fly, without moving the projector. ProjektorPøblene invested in four enclosures in 2021, and then purchased four more in 2023 to double its inventory.

“We initially had some technical challenges when we first used the enclosures, but Tempest was really fast in responding, and even sent its lead engineer to visit,” adds Mads. “The ability to get fast support and personal service when we have issues is incredibly important. So, we were delighted with that service. The use of outdoor enclosures is not common in the Norwegian market, so we’re working hard to develop this and show that outdoor enclosures are a really good option.”

Tempest Typhoon being used in projection mapping project

Photo by Dagfinn Johansen

Photo by Tom Hansen