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Tempest and Covid-19
In order to protect our colleagues who build Tempest products and cannot work from home, most Tempest employees will be working remotely for the foreseeable future – the numbers below are their direct lines. We will do everything possible to ensure that service levels are not impacted going forward.  

Felipe Hermosillo
Vice President of Sales
Phone:+1 818 203 5397
Email: felipe.hermosillo@tempest.biz

European Sales 
Alan Luxford
Sales Director, Europe
Phone:+44 7867 536 522
Email: alan.luxford@tempest.biz

Customer Service, Billing
Nancy Hess
Customer Service
Phone:+1 209 777 6321
Email: nancy.hess@tempest.biz

Technical Support
Gevik Navasartian
Phone:+1 818 397 4504
Email: gevkin@tempest.biz

Chris Hernandez
Phone:+1 818 660 7876
Email: chris.hernandez@tempest.biz

Navinder Sandhu
Phone:+1 661 755 3075
Email: accounting@tempest.biz

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