BreezePU delivers affordable outdoor projection for Epson

Tempest, world leader in projector enclosure technology, announces BreezePU, two outdoor projector enclosures tailored specifically to the Epson EB-PU100/2000 and EB-PU2100/2200 series projectors. These customised Breeze enclosures provide an economical solution for outdoor applications in moderate climates, between 0-40°C. BreezePU fits outdoor projection to any budget, without sacrificing build quality.

Epson delivers amazing performance in a very small package with these projectors, but this comes at a cost in terms of thermal management, and both chassis have side exhausts that can easily lead to recirculation and thermal runaway in a projector enclosure, if not handled very carefully. Tempest and Epson have collaborated to overcome all such issues, and the new BreezePU enclosures even have extra-wide port glasses to allow for unobstructed use of the Epson camera accessory.

BreezePU is available in landscape format. It features optical grade tempered port glass, wide enough for Epson camera operation.

For more hostile environments, as well as portrait, UST, and indoor applications, Tempest has a broad range of specialised enclosures to suit every need.

Tenoest BreezePU enclosure