Tempest, leader in outdoor projector enclosures, will launch its BlizzardCool technology – a dedicated active cooling unit – at ISE 2022. Designed for use in Tempest’s popular Blizzard outdoor projector enclosures, BlizzardCool will keep projectors operating at an optimal temperature in even the hottest conditions, protecting projection investments. The sealed, closed-loop system allows more outdoor audiovisual projects to take advantage of sensitive laser projection technology, and can be used for applications including video mapping, attractions, advertising and cinema. Tempest is exhibiting at booth 3N150, which takes place at the FIRA Barcelona, Gran Vía, from 1-4 February 2022.

“Tempest has unparalleled experience housing projectors in hostile outdoor environments,” says Tim Burnham, president of Tempest. “We are constantly evolving our products based on our real-world experience, and responding to the many challenges posed by environments around the world. This latest addition arrives after three years of extensive research and development. It is especially important given that the latest laser projectors are more heat-sensitive than lamp-based models, with increased heat exposure leading to reduced laser engine life. Tempest is here to safeguard your investment and protect any projector, anywhere.”

BlizzardCool’s operation is completely automatic — users set the target temperature and leave the rest to Tempest’s patented Digital Enclosure Control system (DEC4™). As soon as DEC4 senses the projector is active, cooled air starts circulating through the enclosure, regulated by the cooler control and maintaining a narrow constant temperature range. Since BlizzardCool is a sealed, closed-loop system, the projector is protected to IP66 from outside pollutants, dust and wind-blown particulates. The cooler internal parts are further protected with a ceramic coating to safeguard from pollutants such as salt air, sulfur and chlorine. The BlizzardCool coolers come in three sizes, to match the thermal load of any projector.

Tempest Blizzard is the world’s most popular professional outdoor projector enclosure solution for permanent installations, designed to protect midsized projectors in any climate. Blizzard enclosures are available in sizes for projectors from 5,000 to 15,000 lumens.

Tempest provides a high quality, holistic enclosure range able to tackle any environment, from harsh outdoor environments to whisper quiet indoor spaces, providing the ultimate in projector protection.