5-15K Lumens
Ducted Inlet/Exhaust
Landscape, Portrait, UST, Custom



Whispr is the proven hush enclosure family with a solution for any projector 5-15k lumens. With a remote ducted fan, Whispr offers extremely quiet operation in meeting rooms, presentation suites, theatres and other noise-sensitive environments and is available in four sizes in Landscape, Portrait and Ultra Short Throw versions.

Thanks to its airtight seals, high performance melamine sound insulation foam (rated to the highest fire safety standards), over-rated fans and exhaust fan located at the end of a flexible duct, this indoor projector enclosure offers best-in-class noise attenuation in the audience space, which is Whispr’s sole aim.

Whispr typically mounts under a ceiling or other structure, and rigging options are available for all installation types. It is available in warm white (RAL 9003 or black), with other colors available to order.



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