10-20K Lumens
Landscape, UST, Custom
Safety-Critical Environments




Laser phosphor projectors are going to revolutionize the delivery of advertising and information messaging in safety-critical applications like stations, airports and subway systems. Metro helps you take the next step – guaranteeing safety in public areas with restricted access and strict fire safety requirements. Use Metro with many popular 10-20,000 lumen projectors to ride this new wave…

For Metro, Tempest partnered with leading Swedish heat exchanger specialist Heatex, to design a highly efficient crossflow heat exchanger capable of cooling loads of up to 2,000 watts in ambient temperatures as high as 40°C. In practice, the ambient temperatures found in typical Metro installations are generally much lower.

The fans needed to drive both opposing airflows are thermostatically controlled, and run as slowly as possible, ensuring low noise and very long fan life in most typical operating temperatures.

Metro features a strong, elegant aluminium enclosure, and is of modular construction for ease of service. Its removable heat exchange module can be easily removed for off-site cleaning, and its IP65 projector housing has high-temperature fire seals.

Tempest’s DEC4™ enclosure controller may be networked using either RS485 or Ethernet, allowing comprehensive monitoring of all environmental and electrical status information, including individual fan condition reporting, as well as remote configuration and even firmware upgrades.



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