What is Zen?

Tempest Zen is an indoor HUSH enclosure. It was shown for the first time at ISE 2019, and is shipping now.

– What applications has it been designed for?

Zen is the latest family the latest family of Tempest’s noise-attenuating Hush Boxes for projectors from 10,000-30,000 ANSI lumens. It has been designed for projector protection and noise attenuation in noise-sensitive environments such as live theatre, concert halls, museums, conference centres, meeting rooms and education.

– What are the most important elements of its feature set?

Zen is fully self-contained, with no external air ducts, making it much easier to install, especially in historic buildings such as theatres and concert halls, where new ductwork and structural modifications may not be possible. It offers excellent projector noise attenuation around 25dBA for most projector types.

“Especially in Europe, where there are so many historic venues, Zen is a necessary installation-friendly addition to our enclosure range, delivering whisper-quiet performance for indoor video projection,” says Tim Burnham, Tempest’s president. “We know how challenging some projector installations can be. Thanks to Zen’s standalone design, integrators have one fewer aspect to worry about, with no air ducts required. As every project is different, integrators will also welcome the ability to fine-tune the enclosure settings, enabling the prioritisation of either noise attenuation or increased cooling performance depending on requirements.”

– How has it been developed from previous versions/products?

Tempest traditionally used remote exhaust fans for best noise reduction, but in some venues, this can present installation difficulties. With the innovative standalone design of Zen, air is drawn in through an acoustic foam labyrinth in the enclosure base, and exhausted out of the front of the enclosure, driven by an array of variable-speed dc fans and muffled by a further acoustic foam exhaust labyrinth above the projector chamber.

Tempest has also developed very quiet, variable speed thermostatically controlled internal cooling fans, and Zen also gives the user the option to ‘tune’ the trade-off between noise reduction and projector operating temperature, for case-by-case system optimization.

What advantages does this product have over its competitors?

Through many years of development, Tempest has constructed thousands of enclosures which have been employed in all climates across the globe. The company has harnessed this extensive experience and knowhow in this latest design. Tempest also listened to its customers’ needs for a pleasing aesthetic design that would complement any venue, and Zen comes with good looks at no extra charge!