Indoor projector enclosure
5-40K Lumens



Video projection is being used more and more in live theatre and concert halls, and many of these buildings are historic venues where installing new ductwork is just not allowed. Zen is a new family of three standalone landscape HUSH enclosures, for projectors between 5,000 – 40,000 ANSI lumens. No ducts, simple installation, and average attenuation values around 25dBA. For UST or custom indoor enclosures see Tempest Whispr or Tacit product families.

Thanks to Zen’s clever integral cooling inlet, air enters through the base, and through an inlet labyrinth made from fire-resistant melamine acoustic foam. It then passes through an electrostatic dust filter before reaching the projector. Its air exhaust is similarly wound through an exhaust labyrinth above the projector chamber and exhausted above the enclosure port glass. This innovative variable-speed fan control and internal baffle design delivers noise attenuation around 25dBA for most projector types.

Zen indoor projector enclosures use over-dimensioned thermostatically controlled DC fans, running as slowly (and quietly) as possible, consistent with maintaining a user-set maximum temperature inside the enclosure. This allows integrators to tune the system for the optimal trade-off between running temperature and noise attenuation.

Zen offers excellent projector access, with opening side doors, allowing the projector to slide smoothly out of the enclosure for routine maintenance. Specify left or right slide when ordering.

Available in white (RAL 9003), with black and custom colors to order.


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